Phil’s Day Out

Hi Guys. I figured my last post was a bit long and perhaps got a tad serious, so today I’ll get back to some light hearted musings on BetterTogether’s utter failure as a political campaign.

Before I get into that though, I spent a wee bit of time trying to make the site a little bit better. I’ve picked a new theme which has allowed me to start adding hyperlinks to other pages and sites. Hope you like it, if it’s hard to read or anything let me know and I’ll see if I can do something to fix it. I also added a new page to make it easier to browse older posts, and I’ve added a whole new feature, which I’ll try to keep updated daily, which will highlight lies/smears/hysterical outbursts from folk on the other side of the debate ‐ today’s winner is our Secretary of State for Defence, The Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond.

Hope you like the new changes, always happy to get feedback. @mjaei


As he is the first guest on the new page of the website, today’s post is going to focus on Philip Hammond. The charismatic Defence Secretary made yet another foray north of the border today. Determined to highlight the ‘positive’ case for the union Hammond made no apologies for focusing on the ‘extraordinary risks that the Scots would be taking if they decided to vote for separatism’.

I’ve noticed two tactics BetterTogetherists use when making their ‘positive’ case. The first is just to carry on preaching about the untold horrors that will be bestowed upon an independent Scotland whilst describing themselves as positive:

‘The positive case for the UK has never been clearer: if you leave us, you will have no jobs, cars, schools, hospitals or currency and will become a cesspit of bigoted, inward‐looking, violent, junky bastards. You can’t possibly run a country by yourselves. If you go it alone your neighbours will cease trading with you, and will abandon you to enslavement under the despotic rule of Alex Salmond and his tyranny of the Forces of Darkness. This inspiring, upbeat and jovial message is brought to you by BetterTogether. Feel the warmth.’

The other way that BetterTogether attempt to seem cheerful is just to say something that sounds optimistic, but is in fact, completely false. Hammond is going down this route today:

‘A history that has delivered us…one of the most successful economies.’

Sounds good right? But wait a minute, I thought the UK had a crippling amount of debt. In fact, I thought Philip Hammond was a member of a government promoting biting levels of austerity for the next decade as a necessity, leaving hundreds of thousands of people having to use foodbanks to survive. Wasn’t that brought about because of the collapse of the entire financial sector? And doesn’t the fact there has been no significant new regulation of the banks mean that we’re just repeating the exact same inflation of the markets, which are rigged by the way, leaving ourselves undeniably headed towards yet another devastating economic catastrophe? Hammond continues:

‘But also our culture, our language… have been projected around the world… over centuries.’

Weren’t elements of Scottish culture and the Scots and Gaelic languages almost driven to extinction as matter of policy in the UK? Didn’t kids used to get beaten at schools if they dared to speak their native tongue? There’s more:

‘We punch way above our weight as a unified nation’

Isn’t the UK amongst the worst in the developed world for a huge range of indicators for economic and social wellbeing? Perhaps then ‘punching’ refers literally to the UK’s former imperial adventures, in which we abused and robbed people across the globe, or our recent illegal escapades in the middle east which have left over a million people dead, hardly a positive influence. As for unified, perhaps Hammond has forgotten that our society blighted by sickening levels of inequality.

I must live in a parallel universe to our Defence Secretary, as he is able to come to the conclusion that:

‘it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

I would be more inclined to argue that the UK is a dysfunctional, corrupt, anti‐democratic nation, with an establishment hanging on to delusions of imperial grandeur. It’s broke. Fix it. Vote Yes.



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